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Jamco Creative

We are a creative agency in love with the old fashioned story, social media, whiskey, design, good eats, local artisans, and Ernest Hemingway. We work with brands small and large who want a better way to tell their stories: authentically, passionately, without pretense or press releases, directly to the people who need to hear them. We specialize in social media, video, and have built a small website or two, and love getting dirty with developing a brand’s identity—new or reborn. All things that help us share something awesome with the world. We’d like to work with you to find out what that awesome is. So let’s do this.

What do you wanna see?
Anybody who knows our work knows we love collaboration. It's time for another.

The partial menu:

Smoked and Pickled Mackerel
tomato dashi gelee, raw vegetables, orange togarashi, herb blossoms

Fried Chicken and Brown Rice Donburi
gai lag, pickled ramps, soft poached egg, soy jus

Crispy Crepe

blueberries, sake, yuzu

We've also heard rumors of an imported sweet potato lager.

You're welcome.

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Carriage House opened a few weeks back—a restaurant people say is something like down south, up north—and it's been a long time since we've seen people embrace a spot like they have this.

Jamco dropped in for the days leading up to open with a couple SLRs and went to work capturing the sights and sounds from the kitchen and the floor. This is what we did with those sights and sounds.

Bon appetit.

[Video by Jamco.]
Spent Labor Day weekend out west, which made for days by the pool, no shortage of cheeseburgers, and of course blazing a trail over Pacific Coast Highway. For a city sprawled with vast and sweeping roads that connect valleys to foothills, dotted with suburban sprawl after suburban sprawl, this little stretch of coastal road from Malibu to Santa Monica is something of an anomaly. And we like anomalies.

Here's to the little things.

[Image by Jamco's Johnny Auer. He's @johnnyauer on Instagram.]

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The first distillery to open in Evanston since Prohibition—and ironically enough, Evanston was an epicenter of the Prohibition front—FEW Spirits is hidden down a back alley in an old warehouse adjacent to the rail lines that ferry north shore commuters to and from Chicago each day. Two custom-built stills call the space home, and daily they're producing several different types of gin and whiskey. There's a bottle of their bourbon that's half-empty in our office as we write this (and in a matter of weeks, a couple bourbon barrels etched with our names will be getting bottled).

We used two cameras for filming, which meant a bounty of gorgeous frame after gorgeous frame when it came down to sifting through the footage in post. Everything about the space is photogenic. Any filmmaker's dream, really.

The music is original, composed and performed by Chicago artist and Jamco amigo Mike Pietrus.

This video is the first in a series of videos that FEW will use to share its story as their product expands to market across the country. The second in the series, a closer look at gin, is nearing completion. We'll be posting that soon—if we don't drink ourselves silly, first.
In Toronto this week to kick off the second phase of a project we'll be debuting soon. Heck of a shot, right?

Working in tandem with BNOTIONS on this one, our first time working together. We always get a kick off the work others are doing, and these guys are really doing some awesome stuff. Definitely take their site for a spin.

In the meantime, we'll be trying to make that sailboat our remote office for the day.

[Image by Jamco's Blake Royer. He's @blakeroyer on Instagram.]

Today I took the bus, as usual.  But something unusual happened; instead of staring at people, I found myself thinking about donuts.

Nine weeks ago, I tried delicious artisanal donuts for the first time.  

And not that I’m not adventurous when it comes to new flavors. I’ve had frog soup, spaghettis with mashed mango, spicy tripe, a prehistoric jungle fish (eggs included) and a fresh roasted guinea pig. If it’s new, I always hesitate for a bit, but then just go for it.

And yet, I felt all the risk, adrenaline and excitement of new flavors in a glazed donut (a real donut).  I have to admit that, since I got here, my craving ranking has been altered by frequent taste surprises.

Thanks Chicago for introducing me to real donuts, plain raspberries, jalapeños, hot cheese sauce, cheese curds and veggie hot dogs.

Sabores deliciosos. Je les aime!

[Written by Jamco's Lamia Pardo-Figuerora, a native Peruvian turned Medill grad student interning with us for the summer, well on her way to greatness. We fed Lamia her first raspberry from Mick Klug Farms earlier this summer and on her first day of work, we introduced her to the American donut.]

The Savoy has been open for a few weeks and one dish we keep hearing about is Chef Brian Greene's Pork Belly Confit and Seared Scallops. A seafood kitchen with an absinthe lounge (and raw bar and cider program and deep, deep cocktail list plus some real gems on the wine side), The Savoy isn't your typical seaside-alluding-fish-shack. Its surf 'n' turf is the prime example.

Confited pork belly and seared scallops on a plate with door county cherry mojo, cider braised kale, crispy sunchokes, and date gastrique. Makes sense now, right? There's no filet and lobster tail going out of the kitchen in Wicker Park at this spot.

And if you're like Jeff Ruby and the idea of seafood and absinthe elicits nightmarish thoughts of waking naked on the South side, pork belly and scallops might help. We may or may not be speaking from experience.

[Image by Jamco's Blake Royer]

The forces at Jamco Creative are on the lookout for an addition to our team. This dance party is only just getting started.

What you’ll learn quickly is that Jamco is no ordinary workplace. We’re a small company, so every employee matters. You need to work as hard as we do. We're looking for someone different, a creative thinker who wants to play a crucial role in shaping our clients’ stories.

You’re smart, funny, and clever. You’re hyper organized and communicative, visionary and self-starting. You also sweat the details. You’re a writer and a social media junkie who obsesses over the way a sentence sounds. You take pause before using exclamation points. (So do we.) You love a good story—and sometimes you get a bigger kick off the story behind the milk that's in your fridge than the $200m blockbuster movie you saw Memorial Day weekend.

The Job:

An Account Supervisor. You’re building our clients’ brands via social media, monitoring their feeds and managing the content. You create it and you help develop the strategy that births it. You’ll be working with multiple accounts on a daily basis, responsible for several brands with distinct and differentiating voices—as well as the research and development that goes into aggregating the content and impact of those voices. You’ll be responsible for analyzing a client's social media performance and presenting the client with analytical reports and performance data. And when a client struggles, you’ll help devise the plan to pick them back up.

You’ll be working from a desk, but you’ll also be working from your phone. Replies on twitter after office hours are often as important as those sent during.

There’s no off-button for this job. It’s here and now and of the moment. The real deal. And this excites you.


Demonstrated expertise with social media, especially Twitter.
Ridiculously good communication skills. We mean ridiculously good.
Sense of humor.
Availability off-hours and weekend.


Photography / videography experience.
Graphic design experience (Illustrator, Photoshop).
Video editing experience (Final Cut).


Please include the following in an e-mail to

- Resume.
- Twitter handle.
- A brief narrative about you of no longer than 100 words. Remember Mark Twain: “I didn't have time to write a short letter, so I wrote a long one instead.”
Shot with the Canon EF Lens - 50mm - F/1.8 in the King's Room for Premise in Andersonville.

Luke makes his with Templeton Rye, Maison Surrenne cognac, Bitter Truth creole, and St. George absinthe.

Sometimes, all you need is a little whiskey.

[Image by Jamco's Johnny Auer]
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